Grow Your Own Business

Whole Life Coaching

October 16-22, 2016

Join me for a new ‘whole life coaching’ course. This year I will direct my focus on ‘growing a business,’ but I will also help you shine a light on your whole life.  Grow your dreams from your roots!

Did you ever stop to consider that your financial life is your own business and, whatever your employment situation may be, you are the boss?  Whether you are employed by a company or self-employed, you are the CEO of your business life.  Grow your business.

During these times of economic stress and chaos, it can be incredibly valuable to really grow your own business.  Whether you already own a business or are thinking about starting one, I can help you.  I have created numerous successful businesses in the last 40 years.  While my work is in the self-improvement industry, the same universal principles apply to all enterprises.  You need a good idea, a good plan, good relationships, and the internal focus, patience and fortitude to succeed.  You also must know how to navigate the changing seas of our times to attain your destination.  For this it helps to learn the spiritual laws that govern material wealth.

Sometimes the worst of times can be the best of times to make a change.

There are many important life benefits that growing a business teaches: you learn about self-esteem, relationships, creative thinking, commitment, and completion.  It can liberate you from the feeling of dependency on others for survival and security, as well as deeper fears of change and the future.

I’m sure you have a dream you’ve always wanted to make come true.  Maybe you started, but something is blocking you.  Maybe you’ve been afraid to begin because to make it real is, in a sense, to lose the dreamy quality.  There comes a time when you have to choose between an imaginary fantasy or a dream come true.
If you are ready, I am ready to help you.  It would be my pleasure.

Grow Your Own Business
October 16-22, 2016, Washington, CT, USA