Soul Mates, Revisited

A soul mate might not be what you think. One idea is that a soul mate is a person who connects you more deeply to your own soul. Another common belief is that a soul mate is a match made in heaven. Is it a soul or sole thing? Can both ideas be true?

When Mallie and I got together, many people told us we were soul mates, lucky to have found each other. We did not know what they were talking about except we definitely knew we were fortunate to have connected. Also, we understood we were not special, but rather an example we needed to share with the world. In our minds, we were two people in love, creating a path together in a new way. In the minds of others, we were destined to be together. Still, we always knew God gave us a special gift we needed to keep giving to others. The more we learned, the more we taught.

For 42 years the topic of “soul mates” has followed us. As perhaps the only surviving loving relationship from the beginning of rebirthing, we continue to flourish in our growing love for each other and desire to give back to the world. We feel truly blessed and we know that our blessing is available to everyone. We don’t adhere to the “needle in the haystack” philosophy, but we do know there’s an abundance of hay for all.

Now, for the first time, SOUL MATES is the topic of the year. What is a soul mate? Is there one for each of us? Can we have several? Is it fate or can it be chosen? Can you have a soul mate in your family, with a friend, at work, and by surprise??? Is it possible to have a soul mate you never meet?

Some of these questions might have obvious answers. Others might cause more questions. Regardless, the search for soul mates is a quest for greater love, greater understanding of love, and a greater union of souls among us all. In a world where we all share almost identical DNA and yet still walk around pretending we are from different planets, the hunt for soul mates might be a search for the greatest unity of all.

Whether it’s a sole mate, a one and only partner, or soul mates, several extraordinary connections, never give up the quest.

It is never too late. It is always possible.

October 22-28 in Connecticut, Sole/Soul Mates


Coming in 2018

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August 12-19:
Smart Breathing – Rebirthing in Heaven. No birth trauma, no dysfunctional families. Advanced rebirthing, Zoom Meditation, Heaven Project Part II.

November 11-18:
Smart Blessings – Thanksgiving from Native Americans – great spirit, great food, great gratitude, great prosperity.