A New Beginning

A new year dawns, full of possibilities and opportunities. A ​new year is like a clean slate, a chance to start over with new dreams, objectives, and projects. It can be what​ ​you make it and you can make it what you want.

​It is a new beginning.​

Many people fall into the trap of making new year’s resolutions,​ ​promises to themselves they may never keep or keep for​ ​a few weeks or months and then abandon. The problem​ ​with such resolutions is that they resemble wedding vows.​ ​They are good ideas, perhaps beautiful ideals, but they are only​ ​as valuable as their daily practice.

​Rather than make resolutions, I suggest you focus on the power of attraction in your life. In 2017 I am exploring the nature of attraction in many forms, knowing it is what draws us to our highest good when we learn how to use it properly. Attraction can enable us to transcend limitations and embrace love in its most beautiful form.

​What do you want to attract into your life in 2017? Contrarily, what do you want to stop attracting that blocks your way? Answering these two questions can empower you to manifest and accelerate your objectives in the coming year.​ In some way, you define yourself by your attractions.

​I ​live in the northern hemisphere ​where ​January is the coldest month.​ ​Often snow and ice cover the ground. Many of the trees are without leaves​ ​and the earth is without flowers. Nonetheless, beneath the surface roots are active, new life invisibly but busily preparing for Springtime. Similarly, your subconscious mind can be a fertile ground for new ideas, visions, and positive seeds,​ especially when​ you apply the power of attraction.​

Use the beginning of a new year as a launching pad to something better in your life and the world. Bring forth your highest thoughts, your most loving prayers, and your deepest wishes. Use these days to rebirth your whole life, internally and externally, discarding old useless things and beliefs, replacing them with a more accurate representation of the person you are now becoming.

As you ​embark on a new beginning​, let the future be your frame of reference, not your past.

​May ​God give you all you deserve, and more!​ May you attract only the best.​

All my love,