A Time to Connect

Barack Obama recently spoke words of warning and wisdom. His focus was the culture of bubbles too many of us inhabit, insulating ourselves in self-righteous beliefs, not open to dialogue with opposing points of view. Often we co-habit our bubbles with friends, family, and like-minded people, forming bubble communities, disconnected from other bubble communities with no common ground and no reasonable discourse. Much has been written about polarization in the world, how we are becoming more splintered at the very same time that we are becoming more globalized. We are connected by technology and economics as never before in human history, yet, simultaneously we are disconnected from each other and humanity, love and compassion taking a back seat to judgment and condemnation. We are the bubble people. Your bubble can be political, cultural, racial, or gender. It can even be educated or enlightened. A bubble is still a bubble.
isolated in a bubble
The need to connect is perhaps the most primal of all human needs, whether an individual’s need to love and be loved, a baby’s attachment to her mother, or friends joining together for celebration or commiseration. Dr. Bruce Lipton points out how single cells need to connect and form larger, more complex organisms. It is the story of evolution and also relationships. Human biology is an amazing love story of 37 trillion cells living in one organic cooperative. If that many cells can communicate and collaborate, surely there is hope for several billion organisms on one planet.

Hope requires connection.

The need to connect overrides the desire to live in a bubble. Coming together requires stepping outside our bubbles and taking a look at what’s really out there. The attraction of bubbles is strong, complicated by a resurgence of narcissism. We seem to gain so much gratification from our selfies, memes, twitters, and private little worlds that we no longer think of other people as mirrors, reflecting back to us feedback and lessons we need to grow. On the contrary, we seem to view mirrors as only places to observe ourselves, seduced by the vanity of our own egos. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, I know you love me most of all!!!

I am dedicating all my work for 2017 to help my students and clients form more loving connections in all relationships. Come out of your bubble and engage people with opposing opinions in meaningful dialogue. It’s easy to feel safe and supported with those who agree with us. What about the others? Can we build a bridge even with those we find disagreeable? I certainly hope so. I promise I will do my best to live my truth, walk my words.

Join me for one of my new seminars, intensives, and programs this year, whether The Heaven Project, The Nature of Attraction, or Lifetime Partnerships. We live in the era of challenges. Every challenge is an opportunity to connect more deeply. Yes, we can!


The Nature of Attraction
The Mystery of Love

Washington, CT
July 30 – August 13

A two week exploration of spiritual biology and the necessity of connection, whether with people, places, ideas, or missions. This is essential training in transcendental love and self-transformation, also including water rebirthing and the amazing zoom meditation. It’s the final program in a cycle over many years. I saved the best for last.