Welcome to Heaven

Although I invite you there, Heaven is not a place…

…not a place you go to after you die if you are good. Such a notion is preposterous according to any system of logic, or just plain common sense. First of all, the promise of a happy ending after death is an oxymoron, a Hollywood ending after a Broadway bomb. Secondly, if you are truly good, you live in heaven now. The reward is instant karma. Of course, it is necessary to know what truly good is first. And if heaven is not a where, is it a what, who, or how???

Heaven is, in all imaginable probability, not a location. It is not a tropical paradise, a fabulous mansion, a luxurious penthouse, or a kingdom in the sky. While attractive fantasies and interesting destinations, none of these places capture the truth or essence of the Heaven I believe we seek.

No wonder so many people think that heaven is a complete hoax, a concoction of churches and capitalistic religions, promising people the world in exchange for their souls. The idea of heaven as an afterlife is no better than the dream of a suicide bomber embracing 72 virgins after massacring 1000 innocent women and children in the name of Allah. What is the real difference between such a person and a Christian crusader thinking he would go to heaven after plundering the Holy Land and slaughtering all those Muslims in the name of God?

Of course, I respect all religions, all views of God and Heaven, but in my heart I feel heaven is a space in your soul and not an external place your soul will visit. I also believe that Heaven is not an ideal worth killing or dying for. If it were, it would not be Heaven.

Therefore, the first proclamation of The Heaven Manifesto is:


On the other hand, you can enroll in The University of Heaven, join me at my home (it exists) in January, and become a certified teacher for The Heaven Project. Together, we will go to a place that does not exist and attempt to make it real. We will walk through the doors of Heaven and see if there is anything on the other side. We will embark on a great spiritual odyssey to the unknown and perhaps unknowable. A truly great and worthy challenge! To reveal what cannot be seen! Welcome to Real Heaven!

The Heaven Project
January 16-21, 2017, Washington, CT, USA