Advanced Programs

Smart Living Program–

In 2018 I want to address the topic of spiritual intelligence. We all want to be smart and live an intelligent life. In our minds, we face a continuous conversation between our rational thinking and our intuitive instincts. It can be a tug of war between trusting our first feelings or thinking twice and working out the probabilities. To be spiritual or rational?
Join me for three weeklong trainings in intelligent living—intelligent loving, intelligent breathing, and intelligent blessings. Intelligence begins when you seize your aptitude to make wise decisions. You can wait forever to do so, or you can recognize that is within your grasp right now. You can make impetuous choices or conscious ones. Or, you can combine your natural intelligence and your supernatural intuition into smart living.
In 2018 it is especially important to be both wise and instinctive. In April we will focus on Smart Love, examining the two ways of looking at love, whether you are at the beginning, middle, or completion of a relationship. In August we will practice Smart Breathing and go more deeply into the Heaven Project. In November we will immerse ourselves into Native American wisdom with Smart Blessings.
I wish you a smart, successful, and happy 2018.
All my love all the time!
Bob Mandel

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Smart Love

April 15-22, 2018
Washington, CT, USA

– based on Bob’s book, this is an opportunity to looking at the topic of love as a dialogue between the two parts of your mind, intuitive and rational.

Smart Breathing

August 12-19, 2018
Washington, CT, USA

– rebirthing as part of the Heaven Project, this is both advanced rebirthing in water and the study of practical utopia.

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Smart Blessings

November 11-18, 2018
Washington, CT, USA

– based on Native American culture, this is a celebration of Thanksgiving from the Indian point of view, without beliefs about spiritual separation and physical property.

1 for $2250

2 for $3750

3 for $5000

Smart Living Program/3 intensives

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Pay in advance for all 3 = $4500 (includes residence)

Rebirthing Apprenticeship Program

Washington, CT, USA

– work one-to-one with Bob, receiving and giving rebirthing sessions, learn how to guiede sessions, study smart living, and learn how to achieve success as a self-employed spiritual business person.

  • 1. Smart Living Parts 1, 2, 3
  • 2. Rebirthing as a Career Training
  • 3. 10 private sessions with Bob
  • 4. 10 apprenticeship sessions with Bob

$5500 + residence

All deposits are non-refundable but may be applied to one of the next two advanced programs offered in the following 12 months.