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Soul Mates​

October 22-28, 2017
Washington, CT, USA

Photo of two kids, a boy and a girl looking at each other, a partnership

Some people you meet and you know from the start that you will be ​friends for life — maybe romantic, maybe business, maybe just friends.
Lifetime partnerships can appear in your family,​ your school, your company, or by chance encounter. You can live far apart, not see each others for ages, not talk for long periods of time,
but a lifetime partnership knows no separation, loss, or abandonment.

We tend to think of soul mates as only romantic in nature, but you can have many soul mates in one life, special unions for different purposes. These are the people you only have to call
to mind and a smile spreads across your face, dopamine dancing in your blood.

Join me in October for the foliage of loving partnerships. Devote one week to studying, celebrating and empowering your lifetime partnerships. More than a couples training, beyond a
relationships seminar, different from a typical workshop, this “whole life coaching” course will awaken you to the blessing of your magical connections in life, and what you can do to
attract more such partnerships and strengthen the bond of love.


$3,500 per partnership (by 1 September), $3,900 normal
$2,000 per individual (by 1 September), $2,400 normal

(includes residence) To register send $1,000 non-refundable deposit via the Paypal buttons or send a $1,000 USA bank check to:

6 Steeples Road
Washington Depot, CT 06794 USA
Or, for wire transfer information contact Bob Mandel

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All deposits are non-refundable but may be applied to one of the next two advanced programs offered in the following 12 months.