Bob Mandel 20/20

Advanced Trainings in Meditation, Rebirthing, Love, and Leadership +
Personalized Rebirthing Training Program (PRTP)

with Bob Mandel, Washington Depot, CT

Part 1

Integrate and Complete + 3 days PRTP


November 2-9 + 10-12, 2019
Washington, CT, USA

Overcome patterns of procrastination; seize the day, rekindle your enthusiasm


Part 2

Hibernate, Meditate, Breathe + 3 days PRTP

March 1-8 + 9-11, 2020
Washington, CT, USA

Learn how to focus your mind and expand your consciousness to manifest your dreams.


Part 3

Rebirth, Replenish, Rejoice - Love and Water – Karma Washing + 3 days PRTP


August 1-8 + 9-11, 2020
Washington, CT, USA

Discover and share your personal story of overcoming and inspiration.

Part 4

Spiritual Entrepreneur Training + 3 days PRTP


November 1-8 + 9-11, 2020
Washington, CT, USA

Create a successful spiritual business while doing what you were born and love to do.

I am happy to continue my ISLP trainings in rebirthing, self-esteem, loving relationships, spiritual evolution, and conscious leadership for my 44th year. Now I am returning to my spiritual roots, juiced by all these years of experience and wisdom.

You are welcome to any of these personalized trainings, designed to support any of your purposes.

To complete the advanced rebirther trainer program, participate in 30 days, 3 of the 4 programs + 3 extra days each time. You may also accumulate your 30 days with other days and other ways, over more time, if necessary.

Or attend any of the week-ling trainings as individual events centered on self-esteem, personal development, and conscious relationships.

Tuition (including residence):  $2250 per week, $3000 per 10 days.  Payment plans available.
***Enroll early and save 20% for each training, 30% for 3.  

Send your $500 deposit now to secure a space.

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