Sweet Seasons 2019 – 2020

new program, new trainings

new apprenticeships and personalized trainings

with Bob Mandel, Washington, Depot, CT

To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.

The wisdom of Ecclesiastes is uniquely Eastern for a Western scripture. Its view of dharma expresses an all-encompassing wisdom that transcends the polarized thinking of most religions, philosophies, and cultures. Join me for a new program based on these teachings and applied to the practical decisions of daily life.

These programs are for everyone, but especially for leaders in their chosen professions, spiritual leaders who want to make a greater difference in the world at the same time as they nurture their personal businesses and families.


Spring Implantation

April 27-May 4, 2019
Washington, CT, USA

implantation is when life takes root, whether a baby in its mother or a seed in the earth. Put your plan of action into "growth mode". Work in the Garden of Mother Nature and the Garden of Your Soul at the same time. Connect with your Spiritual Roots. Plant for beautiful results.***

Summer Inspiration

August 10-17, 2019
Washington, CT, USA

– a time for blossoming and expression, respiration and inspiration. Empower yourself and your self-expression. Improve your communication skills and the way you touch others. Rebirthing for Rebirthers. Karma Wash. Wisdom Walk. Express and breathe success.***


Autumn Integration

November 2-9, 2019
Washington, CT, USA

– a time for harvest and gratitude, and Native American wisdom. Integrate your results. Let go of the past with peace. Learn your lessons and move on. Step back from your life for a week of reflection, recognition, connection, and celebration. Understand the true meaning of harvest and discover your Hidden BlessingsDiscover true security.***

Winter Hibernation

March 1-8, 2020
Washington, CT, USA

when bears hibernate, they turn inwards, renewing themselves in tranquility. In Winter we meditate about the coming year, plan consciously as spiritual business people -- We feed our roots. We regenerate for a new year, creating underground the beginning of a fruitful new year.  Start Right. Dream your dream.***


Tuition (including residence):  $2250 per course

***Enroll before February 1 and save 20%.  

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Also available:  ongoing Private Apprenticeships for Rebirther Training,
Whole Life Coaching for Individuals, Couples, and Business Guidance.

Washington, CT, USA

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