Bob Mandel is an extraordinary teacher and writer who for 40 years has been sharing his wisdom, humor, and healing energy with people around the world. Both enlightened and down-to-earth, Bob brings a unique blend of intelligence and intuition to his seminars. Humble in heart, he talks to you, not at you.

One of the original 12 certified rebirthers, Bob carries a wealth of knowledge about birth psychology and the origin of all human relationships, how the first events of your life influenced the development of your personality and basic patterns of behavior. Besides waking you up to the causes of the current state of your relationships, he provides amazing practical advice for transforming them. His huge experience, catalogue of techniques, and spiritual intuition flow through him with ease and grace; his unique brand of Whole Life Coaching empowers you to greater success in all areas of your life while clarifying your soul journey and life mission.

Bob brings tremendous heart energy to his work. In his presence, people feel safe, peaceful, and comforted. They tend to discover a deep trust and new courage to make big changes, or small ones. You breathe, relax, and remember that all things are possible, and you deserve what you want. And then you learn how to get it.

Join Bob for one of his seminars when he comes to your country or city. Bring your family, friends, and colleagues. Whether you are single, married, divorced, happy or struggling, his teachings and healing presence can open the door to your dreams. It’s never too late to live the life you were born to live.

Your relationships are your most valuable resource. People with healthy relationships live longer, happier, and more successful lives. Why not you?