Live Smart

What does it mean to live a smart life? Is it about thinking deductively, weighing the pros and cons, making the logical decision? Or is it more about trusting your basic instincts, your intuition, and following your heart?

To live a smart life, you must first live a life in tune with the intelligence of the universe. If you do not believe in an intelligent universe but instead feel that life is random, your idea of a smart life will be reduced to survival, adaptation to changing situations, and your ability to outsmart other people before they outsmart you. In other words, your idea of living smart will be cynical.

When you want to live a life that is both loving and successful, you need a spiritual context for your presence of the planet. Whatever your religion, if you feel connected to the intelligent design of existence, divine order, you begin to receive signs and guidance that help your decision-making and thought process. You sense that your life has meaning and purpose, everything unfolding for a reason, and that all situations can be helpful, whether for immediate goodness or lessons that will help down the road.

To live a truly smart life is to harness both the left and right hemispheres of your brain, to get your brain synapses firing on all cylinders, and to be alert, conscious, and connected to divine wisdom.

Infinite intelligence is available to all of us, but first we must learn to relax, trust, meditate, open our hearts and minds to knowledge that transcends our concept of cynical smartness.

Join me in 2018 for one of my Smart Living Programs, in August or November. God knows, we need all the intelligence we can gather these days. As Einstein said, "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former."

II. Smart Breathing

August 12-19, 2018

Rebirthing in Heaven. No birth trauma, no dysfunctional families. Advanced Rebirthing, Zoom Meditation, Project Heaven Part II.

III. Smart Blessings

November 11-18, 2018

Thanksgiving from Native Americans – great spirit, great food, great gratitude, great prosperity.