International Self-Esteem Project

The International Self-Esteem Project (ISEP) was born during a meditation I experienced in 1997. I was trying to focus on a specific mantra when a voice in my mind interrupted, asking me a question. “If you could do one thing to make the world a better place, what would it be?” I tried to return to my mantra, but the question repeated itself, eventually replacing the mantra.

When I opened my eyes, I had the answer. I would help people–parents, children, and all individuals–to love themselves and love each other; to have healthy self-esteem while respecting and recognizing all others. I called it “spiritual self-esteem” Vs. egotistic self-esteem. The International Self-Esteem Project was born during this period of my life.

I began by working with young children in schools, helping them to say yes to themselves, to know they were important and special, and, at the same time, to respect and recognize what was good in others. From my results with the children, I began writing my theory and my practices.

The Project became 10 journeys, a book and a series of seminars in many different countries, a contagious self-esteem movement spread by many leaders and teachers.

Now, after 20 years, ISEP is morphing into The Heaven Project, a new Way to look at personal evolution and inter-personal transformation. To lift our self-esteem to the level of divine consciousness is also to bring Heaven down to Earth in our daily lives. The Heaven Project describes the ladder to heaven as a two-way journey. As we rise up, Heaven comes down.

I hope you will experience the project at some time, and choose to join it.

Bob Mandel
Washington CT USA