International Seminars Leadership Programs


ISLP is International Seminars Leadership Programs. Founded in 1977, its original purpose was to provide long-term personal growth and leadership training in the international rebirthing community. Working with small groups for extended periods of time, Bob is able to give the individual attention each participant needs, as well as the group support that accelerates growth. In recent years, the focus has shifted somewhat, but not essentially, to include advanced “water rebirthing” programs and whole life coaching intensives, a new and unique form of pro-active therapy and future planning.

With thousands of graduates from more than 30 countries, ISLP offers you experienced leadership, guidance, and techniques to both discover your sacred self and then put potential into positive action. Whether you want to improve yourself personally or professionally, you can definitely find what you’re looking for in these programs.


ISLP is located in the hills of northwestern CT, two hours north of NYC and three hours southwest of Boston. The courses are all residential. Participants from around the world live together in group houses, adding the element of 24 hour daily development to the structured classes.

Each group gathers every day at Bob’s house for meetings and/or sessions, often held outdoors in a truly beautiful natural setting. Translation is provided. The heart energy which Bob brings to his work, as well as the healing history of the house combine to create a very safe, spiritual, and relaxed environment in which growth happens easily and swiftly.

Whether your goal is healing the past or creating a new life, raising your self-esteem or transforming your relationships, succeeding more at your current work or transitioning to a new career–ISLP can support you with quality support, teaching, and training.