Producer: Carla Acebey de Sánchez

South America Venezuela

South America

Woman, wife, mother and entrepreneur.
An accountant who became an international leader.
In the past, relationships were a challenge for me. Now they are a pleasure.

I love to share with my clients (in private sessions or in open seminars) what I have learned: how to create a life that is great and at the same time has a purpose. I use rebirthing and the International Self-Esteem Project as the foundation to support people to have hope and find the inner power to improve their lives.

Bob has been a very positive influence on all areas of my life. I have learned from him that you can be spiritual and grounded, wise and funny, loving and honest.

What I love the most about organizing events for him is that I have the opportunity to create a warm environment for healing. It is a pleasure to witness great transformations and even miracles.
You are very welcome to our spiritual world. Blessings!

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+58 414 333 48 86