Producer: Sónia Dos Santos

South America Venezuela

South America

I was born on the Island of Madeira. When I was 19, I moved to Venezuela, where I now live with my fantastic husband and beautiful daughter in this wonderful land.

I discovered rebirthing and I fell in love. I took the training to be a rebirther. Now I work in private consultation, and organizing retreats and events. I have my own company Bio & Ser Centro de Crecimiento Personal C.A. and I am a leader in the International Self-Esteem Project (ISEP).

I met Bob in a moment of my life when I was experiencing scarcity and my loving relationship was not the best. I remember the name of the seminar: YES, YOU CAN! There I learned that all that was happening to me was my responsibility and that I had the power to choose and the power to replace my scarcity thoughts with abundant ones. Once I understood that I could, my life changed completely. The doors of prosperity, abundance, union and love opened for me.

I support Bob´s work. He is a wonderful and authentic human being. His way of teaching love is simple, practical and easy and that captivates me. I am sure he will captivate you too.

Come and join us in our training.

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