Producer: Valerio Tosa

Europe Italy


I met rebirthing when all my life seemed shattered.

To go deep into myself, breathing gently, it opened doors that I never knew existed inside me.
A new vision of the world and of relationships was revealed to me.

A new lightness grew in my life. Then I felt the desire to bring this great gift to other people and I trained to become a professional rebirther.

I met Bob when I joined his advanced rebirthing trainings in Connecticut. Spending time with Bob and his group helped me to expand the horizons of my mind. I love Bob’s teaching because it is real and close to “normal life”. Bob teaches how to live better relationships and how to be true to oneself without cutting oneself from the others love. His great experience makes everything easy and deep at the same time and his great compassion makes him act with gentle firmness to bring people to the consciousness of their path.