Producer: Vicente Dominguez Solera

Europe Spain North, Bilbao

Spain North, Bilbao

I live with my wife and I have a daughter. I am a businessman. I am a director in a Center where I work in private sessions and group sessions with Rebirthing. I organize national and international seminars.

My work is my purpose. I feel validated when I help people to improve their lives and find more happiness and success. Bob Mandel was and is a reference for me. Working with him, I feel more confidence, in me, in my work and in others. His communication is simple, direct, clear…inspires my transformation and the transformation of others in a simple and funny way. I enjoy organizing events for Bob because it comes naturally, is fluid and helps me to improve and see how other people improve too.

I invite you to take part with us in an event with Bob Mandel to experience transformation and happiness.

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