Mission: to be a channel for heaven on earth by respecting all living things and extending love one relationship at a time.

One night I dreamed I was walking with my dog Sunshine, who had died some years before. It was a familiar walk by the river that led to an old train tunnel from the 1800’s. Now it felt more like a cave. I like to walk there because it is a magical otherworldly place where darkness is bright and sounds play tricks with my mind.

In my dream Sunshine, my spirit guide and golden retriever, ran into the tunnel ahead of me. He barked three times in rapid succession, urging me to follow him. Clearly, he had found something important, as his reverberating barks testified. I entered the darkness.

Inside the tunnel the walls were craggy old black rock, maybe quartz. I noticed, drawn in white and pink chalk, various graffiti — people’s initials, hearts and arrows, as well as a couple of skulls and bones. Then, up above me on the top of the tunnel I saw the words “1001 SPLENDID BLESSINGS”, spelled out like the famous HOLLYWOOD sign in clear white. Sunshine, looking up with me, barked again, and again. You see what I mean, he seemed to say.

I woke up with the dream fresh in my mind and asked myself what it meant. This is the answer that came to me. At any moment in our lives we are surrounded by a minimum of 1001 splendid blessings — family, friends, special places, trees, flowers, rivers, mountains and valleys, caves and coves; not to mention books, music, chocolate, strawberries, and flan, one of my favorites. Each one, each flower, each tree, each petal, each leaf is in itself a blessing. And, if we could see it, we would recognize that all living things, including ourselves, are blessings to one another, interconnected and bonded. We are all as petals on one global flower.

Thus was born The Project Heaven, the purpose of which is to reveal Earth as a heavenly place. In my heart it is a continuation of The International Self-Esteem Project, a journey to divine self-esteem. The project is the curriculum of what I call The University of Heaven where we go through many doors, climb many steps, walk down many winding corridors… leading to a heavenly consciousness.

Sometimes, heaven is not easy. It tests our patience and faith. It is not easy to love and forgive people whose words or actions do not deserve forgiveness. We have to work at it before we understand and let go. Other times it just appears all of a sudden like a flash of lightning or a rainbow. Heaven at our window.

It is my hope and my prayer that we build a coalition of heavenly beings here in our home planet, a union where love overcomes fear, trust replaces uncertainty, and respect for all people and all living things triumphs over arrogance, judgment, and condemnation.

Join me and be a leader in The Heaven Project.