Zoom Meditation


ZM is the culmination of 40 years of spiritual seeking. From the beginning of rebirthing to open heart therapy to the International Self-Esteem Project, I have always been searching for the simplicity of life in a form that beats to my heart and moves with my breath.

One year ago I decided to devote 2016 to the study of patience. Nine months ago I spontaneously began walking alone every day. I always knew I was walking with God through my life, but I never encountered Him so profoundly as when I walked alone through the beauty of Fall, the cold snow of Winter, the rebirth of Spring, and the extreme heat of this Summer.

It came to me first as a sound, then as a rhythm, and finally as a symphony of love when I began sharing it with 21 amazing people at my August Program. It is a mantra, a walking meditation, a heartbeat and a breathing rhythm, all blended into a simple expression that can be done while eating, driving, swimming, or taking a shower.

Zoom Meditation. I invite you to check it out some day.