Smart Love

Do you have to be intelligent to learn Smart Love? It depends how you define intelligent. Your intellect is not particularly valuable when when it comes to love, nor are your academic achievements. You don’t need a Ph. D. to qualify for Smart Love status. In fact, a college degree of any sort might not help. If you review your educational history, you probably don’t remember any courses teaching you about love or relationships. Maybe you studied romantic literature, or psychology, but that’s something else. In all likelihood, you may have had smart teachers but probably not many who knew about Smart Love, let alone practiced it in their own lives or taught it to you.

In English (unlike many other languages) we distinguish between intelligence, the ability to acquire knowledge and skills, and smart, which can mean witty, intuitive, neat, clean, fashionable, or a certain kind of cell phone. None of these qualities can be easily graded. There is no standardized test for smart as there is for various aptitudes and basic learning skills. There is an IQ test to measure your intelligent quotient, whatever that is, but no SQ, smart quotient. Even if there were, I doubt it would be very useful when it came to love.

So, what kind of intelligence is necessary for Smart Love? Raw intelligence. By raw I mean inherent, intuitive, and in your gut. You have to think with all the intelligence in your body, not just your brain, to know Smart Love because such love requires the ability to read body language, unspoken thoughts, and emotional truths.  

You don’t read a person the way you do a book. There are no clear chapters or pages to turn, although there can by some plot twists. You read a person by scanning his soul with your entire psycho-neurological apparatus, your inklings, hunches, and vibratory instincts. Smart Love requires a complex but remarkably simple set of skills which resemble what we could call common sense. 

Finally, to answer the question whether intelligence is necessary for Smart Love, you have to know whether you think common sense is intelligence, or something else, perhaps some type of universal wisdom. For sure, Smart Love knows the difference. Or else it wouldn’t be smart.

Join me at my home for one week of study April 15-22, 2018, Smart Love. Know the difference and make intelligent choices.

I. Smart Love

April 15-22, 2018

Love with a Brain. Think smart, love smart. Stop making the same stupid mistakes.

II. Smart Breathing

August 12-19, 2018

Rebirthing in Heaven. No birth trauma, no dysfunctional families. Advanced Rebirthing, Zoom Meditation, Project Heaven Part II.

III. Smart Blessings

November 11-18, 2018

Thanksgiving from Native Americans – great spirit, great food, great gratitude, great prosperity.