Seasons of Time

I have always felt blessed to live where the four seasons govern the flow of change. Many parts of the world have rainy seasons and dry seasons; some only dry. If you live close to the equator or near the poles, your understanding of seasons is different from mine. Here in CT, in New England, we experience four distinct climates, and although climate change threatens to blur the distinctions I cherish them while they last.

I dedicate 2019 to an exploration of seasonal wisdom. In Ecclesiastes we learn, “There is a time for every season and a time for every purpose under heaven.” All life and all happenings exist in One Creation. We may judge one thing as superior to another, preferring peace to war, laughing to crying, sunny days to rainy days, but in the Great Scheme of things our judgments matter little. What exists exists, excluding nothing. When we embrace the whole, we are more able to accept each part, whatever our thoughts and emotions tell us. Of course, we accept those as well.

Specifically, the four seasons each tell a different story of Creation. In springtime, we learn from the birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees—we discover the amazing fertility of our planet, which annually reproduces itself in a prolific array of beauty. We connect with our creativity, lust for life, romance and adventure. In summer, we witness the brilliant light of the sun, heating the air, sea, and earth, Mother Nature at her most brilliant expression, blooming in divine magnificence, reminding us the value of our own self-expression. In Autumn, the leaves turn color, the Master Designer painting an exquisite impressionistic display of orange, yellow, red, and brown, all tumbling to the ground and showing us the dance of letting go, flying in release—non-attachment. Winter can seem like the cruelest season to many, but I embrace it as much as the other three. Under the white surface, hidden from the frozen terrain, life is busy planning for a new year, deep roots growing and stretching for new ideas and new nourishment. Winter is when you see nothing above, but everything is happening below — invisible spirits stirring in their underground home.

In 2019 my Sweet Seasons Program will explore in four parts the various and glorious aspects of all the seasons and how they apply to our spiritual development, loving relationships, rebirthing, leadership, and prosperity. I hope you will join me at my home where Mother Nature is always changing but continuously revealing new beauty, keeping us alert so we don’t miss anything. When you work in my Peace Garden in the spring, walk by the river in the woods in summer, gather autumn leaves on your palette, or build a snowman with carrots and radishes in the winter – you will learn the purpose of every season under heaven.

Join me for Sweet Seasons Program.