Smart Living

Living smart means basic wisdom: respecting all life on the planet and extending love to our fellow human beings as graciously as possible.

When we stay connected to the natural order of the planet as well as the intelligent design of the universe, we tend to live smart.

Easier said than done. Living in harmony with Infinite Intelligence is a learning process.

Living in the knowledge that we are blessed with a beautiful world and that as long as we take of our world it will take care of us -- this consciousness is why we are alive. It is our collective mission.

The same holds true of our relationships. As long as we take care of each other, we will be embraced by care and love. The way we touch others is the way we are touched.

When you live smart, you think smart, act smart, even breathe smart.

Join me for a Smart Living Training. In August, we will practice smart breathing, balancing our inhale and exhale, what we receive and what we give.  

We will become master rebirthers.

In November we will explore Smart Blessings, the wisdom of the Native Americans. We will see hidden meaning of Thanksgiving.

Normally, we think of blessings as coming from a God who lives invisibly above us and graces us with his loving gifts. According to Native American wisdom, the Great Spirit lives down here on our planet, in the wind, rivers, mountains, birds, and animals around us. His blessings exist in visible wonders, natural events, the sun rising and setting, the flowers blooming and the rain falling. All of nature is an orchestra playing the music of the Great Spirit.  

We don't have to go to a church in order to know and praise the divine. All of Nature is a great cathedral where we can worship the beauty of creation and feel part of the Earth to which we belong. When we make the smart connect to our world, we are never alone.

This is Smart Living, knowing we belong to something bigger than all the possessions we think belong to us. We belong to each other. We belong to no one.

When we live with such consciousness and knowledge, we feel guided in our decisions and direction in life.

We trust.  

We surrender to love.

Join me in November for Smart Living, exploration and discovery.

III. Smart Blessings

November 10-17, 2018

Thanksgiving from Native Americans – great spirit, great food, great gratitude, great prosperity.